Opening center Mega 2 in Almaty

Primavera duo had the honor to present its number on the silks, at the opening of the shopping center international Mega – 2 in Alma-Ata ( Kazakhstan ).

aerial_show_opening_Mega_2 opening_international_center_Mega_2
 MEGA-2 Alma-Ata, the biggest shopping and entertainment mall in Kazakhstan, was opened in 2013 in Alma-Ata. At the moment the mall is the favourite place of both residents of the city and visitors for shopping and relaxation. On a weekday MEGA-2 Alma-Ata mall is visited by 30,000 people on average. On weekends that number is double. There is a food hypermarket, a consumer electronics shop, over 100 boutiques selling world famous brands, a huge food court, an 8 screen multiplex cinema, a climbing wall, a skating rink, an entertainment park for children, bowling and much more. MEGA-2 Alma-Ata was designed with careful attention to the seismic dangers of the area without compromising the architectural attractiveness of the building.

opening_Mega_2_aerial_silks silks_show_opening_Mega_2

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