Aerial straps

The strong focus on style and character makes this act truly unique, a passionate mix of aerial and dance art. The combination of love and tenderness, strength and graces, the make the audience feel the sense of delight.



Aerial hoop

Duet Primavera presented new aerial act – aerial hoop (ring/lyra). Aerial gymnasts Aniskini present a circus number on the ring, which is spectacular and mesmerizing in this circus show. Performing the act composition on the air hoop is an ease, gracefulness and an excellent balance of flexibility and strength in this performance. 


Aerial flying silk

Duo Primavera presented aerial flying silks act. Air acrobats Aniskini presented an act of the flying silks. A wonderful musical composition in conjunction with dizzying tricks will not leave unattended any spectator.  


Straps solo

Aerial gymnast Oleksandr Aniskin presented aerial solo straps act. A harmonious combination of musical accompaniment with the professional performance of gymnastic tricks gives this act a distinctive style and charisma.  


Aerial silks

Duet Primavera presented aerial silks tango act – Palazzo dinner show 2014. The number on the silk plunges us into a world of dance and delightful tricks, cleverly intertwined the beautiful feelings game of the duo artists.  


Solo hoop

Inna Aniskina presented an aerial solo act on the ring/hoop. Hoop solo is a wonderfully exciting an act, a piece of circus and visual arts. In her aerial act Inna presents a mixture of contortion, flexibility, power and amazing tricks. She has mixed these difficult talents with agility, grace and elegance of performance.  


Adagio act

An acrobatic adagio couple Primavera – gives the opportunity to push the envelope of emotional expression through acrobatic dance movement and take the adventure even further, to leave out the dreams and especially to never stop believing in those dreams.  


Straps static

Straps static – romantic number mesmerizing combination of technique and artistry of artists. Beautiful music and production numbers can not leave anyone indifferent spectator.  


Acrobatics adagio chair

Acrobatics adagio couple Primavera – presented new conceptions of acrobatics act in new style with chair. New idea and amazing music make this number really unique and amazing.  

Straps tango

Duo ‘Primavera’ offers an acrobatic adagio and a tango flying on straps.Astor Piazzola’s “Primavera portena” provided the inspiration for the tango on straps. Straps tango number combines the beauty of dance with the adrenaline of flight.  

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